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    Vehco Eco-Driving Challenge

    Vehco has invited all its customers to an Eco-Driving Challenge where our new Eco-Driving Index is used. The purpose is to improve the driving behaviour, save fuel and reduce CO2. Why don't you also participate? Already more than 7 000 drivers participate in the Challenge! More info
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    Vehco Connect

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    "Without telematics, the benefits of eco-driving training is lost after 3 weeks. " - Dominique René, Translyre (France)
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    "With our telematic solution, we have been able to make considerable time savings in payroll management and expense calculations. " - Laurent Le Gal, JLG Services (France)
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    "The embedded telematic solution has enabled us to decrease the effective hours worked by 30%. " - Frédérique Guichet, Transports Chaussenot (France)


We feel very exited about our latest Product Releases which include features for Driver's log, Support for Attachments, Barcode Scanning and Calculation of Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) in the Missions Module.


Vehco is a major European provider or systems for Fleet Management Mobile Resource Management to the transport- and logistics market. We are present in Sweden (HQ), France, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Italy and Finland.


We provide our system Vehco 4 which enables drivers, vehicles and the office team to get connected through the use of onboard computers, applications in Smarphones/ Tablets and a rich web based office application.
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Mon, 2017-09-25
AK Ekbergs Åkeri AB and PH Tank AB are welcomed as new customers at Vehco

We welcome AK Ekbergs Åkeri AB and PH Tank AB as new customers to Vehco! The companies are part of the same group, and they have operations within tank, tank container, sheet metal and bulk transports from Simrishamn in the south part of Sweden up to Umeå in the north. In total, Vehco Systems have been installed in 14 vehicles (Vehco Connect Mobile with tablet).

Fri, 2017-08-11
Skoogs åkeri explains how Vehco makes the working day more efficient in Trailer Magazine

In number 8 of Trailer Magazine, Skoogs Åkeri in Ängelholm tells us how to use Vehco's systems to simplify work both in the office and in the vehicles. "One of the goals of Vehco's IT solutions is to make it easier for the driver's everyday life. Something that has been achieved according to Håkan Larsson at Skoogs Åkeri in Ängelholm."