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Repair of Samsung consumer grade units

Samsung units can be sent to Samsung Service​ in your country. 

  1. Go to
  2. Go to the menu “SUPPORT”, go to “Service Information” and click “Service places” (these menu items are in your local language).
  3. If you still do not get any matches, please contact Vehco.

 Include error description and invoice copy for verifying warranty. 

The unit has to be packaged well (like original packaging) so that it does not take damage during shipping.

The customer pays for shipping to the repair center and also has responsibility of the unit until the package has been signed for by the repair center.

The time it will take to get the unit repaired depends on the current work load of the repair center and if any necessary spare parts are in stock.

If the repair is performed within warranty, Samsung will pay for the repair and return shipping and also has responsability of the unit until it has been signed for by the customer.

If no fault can be found on the unit, an examination fee and return shipping costs will be invoiced to the customer.


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